Karen Morris - Brighton Town Judge
Brighton Town Judge Karen Morris
`As a judge, an important part of my job is to impress upon convicted defendants that criminal behavior will not be tolerated."

Karen Morris - JUDGE

  • 24 years as Brighton Town Justice
    Elected by town residents six times.

  • Authored numerous precedent-setting decisions
    Published in New York State Official Reports, The New York Law Journal and
    The Daily Record

  • Guest Speaker
    -  Brighton Police Training and Citizen Police Academy
    -  New York State Bar Association Annual Convention
    -  Greater Rochester Association for Women Attorneys
    -  Monroe County Bar Association, various continuing legal education programs

She Knows The Job

Adjudicated countless cases

  • Criminal matters:
    • Domestic violence
    • Driving while intoxicated
    • Thefts
    • Assaults
    • Endangering the welfare of a child
  • Landlord-tenant disputes
  • Small claims cases
  • Traffic infractions
  • Town ordinance violations
  • Early stage hearings for serious felonies:
    • Attempted murder
    • Rape
    • Burglary
    • Robbery
    • Vehicular manslaughter
"An Excellent Judge"
The Fund for Modern Courts, a nonprofit civic organization dedicated to improving the administration of justice in New York State.

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8/17/09 - "One observer reported, "The judge is 'cream of the crop'. She spoke clearly and distinctly and was professional, efficient, well-versed, concerned, and interested in the defendants and their future." Judge Morris commended people when they showed progress and appealed to their common sense."

3/28/11 - "Judge Morris was organized and thorough. She announced each case ahead of time so all parties could be ready. She also introduced herself, her clerks, and all lawyers as cases were presented. She was respectful of the Assistant District Attorney and the Assistant Public Defender. Judge Morris was firm on DWI cases and explained to defendants the dangers of drinking and driving. A variety of sentences were handed out including community service, alcohol treatment, ignition interlock, license revocation, order of protection, jail and weekend community service."

Note: Reviews of town judges stopped several years ago.


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